Hemonika Syrup


Natural Health and beauty tonic for women


Highly efficacious in abdominal cramp, pelvic pain, leucorrhoea, loss of Appetite, Anaemia, Backache, Nausea, Vomiting, Hot Flushes of Palm & Soles and other solutions of ill health in female.
Purify & form new blood for glowing skin & beauty.

Packing :- 225 ml


Each 5ml Syrup contains:
Ashok chall 317 mg, Ghel Kawar Patre 317 mg, Lodh 264 mg, Ulat Kamble 264 mg, Vasa patra 264 mg, Arjun Chall 211 mg, Amla 211 mg, Satawri 211 mg, Amaltas Gudha 211 mg, Sonth 211 mg, Jatamasi 211 mg, Dhatki 211 mg, Ajwain 158 mg, Nag Kesar 158 mg, Aajmod 158 mg, Ashwagandha 158 mg

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225 ml


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