OLIADE: A Baby Massage Indian oil firing on all cylinders

If you’re looking for a natural massage oil `made of olive oil, your search ends here.

Enriched with Vitamin A,D & E soaked in a blend of Olive and Arachis oil Oliade, a massage oil for newborn babies, is an excellent source of nourishment for the skin and the underlying dermis. This moisture-rich Infant baby massage oil will work magic on your baby’s skin, leaving it soft, healthy, and glowing.

Arachis Oil invigorates the body, relieves one from joint pain, and addresses various problems associated with the joints. Vitamin D toughens the bones whereas Vitamin E safeguards the human body against metabolic problems. Besides, Vitamin E found in the oil is a good source of supplements needed for the skin and bones.

The oil massaging exercise boosts blood circulation and makes the skin tender and flexible, leaving it with a silky texture. It also acts as a long-lasting moisturiser that provides a natural glow to the skin and improves its overall health.

Baby massage- An essential part of newborn care

All new mothers are concerned with providing their newborns with the greatest care possible, ensuring they can develop and thrive in the healthiest way possible. Baby massage is a crucial component of newborn care that is incredibly beneficial to newborn babies. In addition to understanding the advantages of baby massage, consideration for the best massage oil to use is equally crucial.

How Good Is Baby Massaging?

We would agree that giving our kid a massage is a lovely way to strengthen our relationship with her and show her how much we care for her. An oil massage is known to promote healthy weight gain, digestion, blood flow, and the baby’s appetite and sleepiness. As soon as the baby is awake and starts looking around her surroundings, she can acquire a bruise or a stretch here and there. Any such soreness is relieved by a massage. Massage also helps the infant feel more at ease. It is also believed that massage soothes teething discomfort. Additionally, infant babies sleep better and feel comfortable after receiving a massage similar to how we adults do.

Which Massage Oil should I pick for my child?

When our doctor tells us that our children’s red rashes are caused by heat, we all become concerned. As a result, we must exercise extreme caution before applying any oil. The oils we choose may vary depending on our baby’s skin sensitivity, the environment where we live, etc. Our baby’s skin is particularly sensitive, and simply any oil does not suit every child.

After coming upon the aforementioned benefits of baby massaging the right choice of baby oil becomes very important. Oliade Oil meets all the standards of an ideal baby massage oil owing to its numerous unique features.

Unique attributes of Oliade Oil:

  • Tested and proven dermatologically safe
  • Moisturizes skin and avoids skin dryness
  • Maintains skin texture
  • Heals skin abrasions & striaegravidarum
  • Protects skin from oxidative damage
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Makes the skin shiny
  • Effectively cures joint discomfort
  • An effective enabler for a kid’s consistent growth
  • No side effects on the normal skin
  • Does not cause any allergy
  • Is not pungent in smelling

Benefits of massaging a baby with Oliade Oil

Here is a list of the advantages of massage for newborns, babies, and children as well.

1. Calmness and relaxation through an oil massage

Massaging disturbed infants with Oliade oil will prove to be an excellent technique to bring them peace. The babies fall asleep peacefully and easily soon after the oil massage.

2. Forging a convivial bond through oil massages

While massaging babies with Oliade oil, we create a wonderful bond through touch and voice. The oil massage helps our babies grow to be healthy and happy and creates a stronger bond between them and us.

3. Reduction in colic and constipation

Massaging babies’backs with Oliade oil is a form of “tummy time” for them. As doctors opine, tummy time is crucial for a child’s digestive system since it eases constipation and relieves them from gas-related problems.

4. Encourages healthy weight gain

Oliade Oil massage will be the best method for ensuring that babies healthily gain weight. We can ensure that all of our baby’s body parts are stimulated while we massage them with the oil. This stimulation promotes better digestion which results in healthy weight gain and growth.

5.Boosts mental function

According to experts, when we massage our baby with oil, serotonin, a chemical found in the brain that controls mood, is naturally released. A happy child is the result of higher serotonin production.

6. Get a glow

Young people have skin that is supple and silky. A massage with Oliade oil enhances the glow and flexibility of their skin. The skin benefits from this which contains vitamin E, beneficial for the skin.

7. Makes muscles and bones stronger

The best thing that can happen for a developing child’s health is an oil massage with Oliade, which is not the last but most advantageous. It makes the child stronger day by day by boosting the blood supply to the bones and muscles.

Formulated with a special blend of olive oil, Arachis oil, and vitamins, a gentle massage with this oil has a calming effect on the baby and is an effective treatment against diaper rash and other minor skin infections or abrasions.